Not all legal direct mail is created equal

Will Direct Mail Marketing Work for Your Firm?

Moderizing an Industry Tradition

Not all legal direct mail is created equal. Getting a letter in the mail is really only half of the equation. The physical mailing of the letters is certainly important, and successful campaigns require very timely mailings, detailed address verification and high quality materials.

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Timely Mailings

Timing is crucial, especially with respect to criminal or traffic direct mail. Legal Leap has developed an incredibly efficient mailing process that allows us to get your letters in the mail the same day an arrest occurs or an offense is filed in court. Combine that process with first-class postage and you’ll reconsider using the term “snail-mail”.

Detailed Address Verification

Return mail is an unfortunate bi-product of any legal direct mail campaign. While it can never be eliminated completely, Legal Leap goes through painstaking efforts to minimize it. If we can’t confirm a deliverable address then we exclude that mailing so you aren’t charged for letters that will never be delivered.

High Quality Materials

How do I get them to open the envelope? One of the most common concerns when beginning a direct mail program is whether or not anyone will actually open and read what you have sent them. At Legal Leap we have found that high quality paper and envelopes goes a long way to making your mail solicitation appear more professional than your competitors’. There are also other details, like using color on both the envelope and letter and always using a non-windowed envelope, that make a big difference with respect to open rates. The features may add some extra cost to each Do you need to increase conversions? We have proven formulas for that. Do you need to update your look into this century? Our designers love modernizing websites. Do you need to feature new practice areas? We can help you write and showcase them.

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