Becoming a Thought Leader

Being regularly quoted by the press as a subject matter expert is key to building a powerful reputation.

Gain Visibility and Credibility

We work with various publishers and platforms to help law firms and legal tech startups gain visibility and credibility. Our strategic messaging, content generation and public speaking placement helps firms and startups reach their audience, generate buzz and convey subject matter expertise. As you know, brands that are more recognizable gain more trust from business and consumers and ultimately that leads to more sales and retained clients.

Additionally, legal Leap can help you monitor your reputation and respond to potentially negative online discussions so that the brand that you have worked very hard to build does not fall victim to online trolls.

How Leap Creates Your Online Persona


We look at your competitors and make you better.


From press releases to public interviews, we position your firm as the best.


Your business will grow and so will your reputation.

What are the Costs?

Depending on the exposure your firm is looking for we can fit about any budget. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your ideas and expectations.

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